What an Open Pedagogy Class Taught Me About Myself

How one open pedagogy class change my way of understanding and made me the best student I could be.


Biology and Being Alone

What if I told you that loneliness could kill you?

Nature/ Nurture in Rhythm Zero

In 1974 Serbian Performance artist Marina Ambrovic performed an art piece that almost ended up being her last. In a small art gallery,¬†a seemingly timid and careful crowd turned on Ambrovic and almost killed her. What caused the audience to become so violent so quickly? Is crowd behavior or individual behavior to blame? The piece … Continue reading Nature/ Nurture in Rhythm Zero

Genetics, Social Pressure, and Sexuality

Throughout history, humans have constantly questioned their own existence and pushed to define and give names to all aspects of humanity. As time has progressed, many means of identification¬†have come to be named and defined, which has forced us to push deeper into our own understanding of ourselves. This results in a seemingly never-ending cycle … Continue reading Genetics, Social Pressure, and Sexuality